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The purpose of this policy is to ensure safety and security on the Wharton High School campus for the approximate 700 individuals who are on the campus each day.

Student Identification Cards will be provided to every student. Just as a driver’s license authorizes driving a vehicle, a student ID card authorizes a student to be on campus.  

All STUDENTS must wear their ID cards at all times while on school grounds.

Administration and teachers try very hard to be familiar with all of our students.  However, it is a challenge for every staff member to know each of our 600 students.  Therefore, it is crucial that we are able to identify everyone on campus. Identification of staff and students is a safety issue and will not be compromised when it comes to safety of students and staff.  ID cards help us in identifying students as well as trespassers.

The School Leadership Team has adopted the Student Identification Card Policy. Following are the procedures that all teachers and administrators will use to encourage our students who need assistance in complying with the policy.

ID Requirements

  • All students must wear their current year ID cards in order to:
    • Be in class
    • Move between classes and to the restroom
    • Borrow library books
    • Be on campus before or after school

  • The ID Card must be worn on a lanyard hanging from their neck.
    • School IDs cannot be worn on a shirtsleeve, pants, outside of pockets, under a coat/jacket or at the bottom of their shirt.
    • If a student is wearing a jacket, the lanyard must be on the outside of the jacket and visible.
    • Student IDs MUST BE VISIBLE at all times while on campus
    • Students can wear their choice of lanyard as long as it falls within the school dress code. There should be no reference to drugs/alcohol or profanity on the lanyard.

  • The ID Card must be presented to any school staff member or person of authority when seeking student identification.

  • The front and back of the ID Card must remain plain and free of stickers, markings, other photos, etc.

  • Lost, stolen, altered, damaged, and defaced ID Cards must be replaced IMMEDIATELY through the WHS Library
    • Cost for replacement is $5.00 for a new ID Card.
    • Replacement lanyards will be available for $1.
    • A fine will be assessed if the student cannot pay that day.

  • Exceptions - Students are excused from wearing IDs during events/activities where they present a hazard to student safety.Such areas include CTE Equipment areas, Science Labs and during Athletics.

    Daily Procedures

    Teachers will do an ID check at the beginning of each class period each day. For a student who does not have his/her ID Card, they will adhere to the following procedures:

  • The teacher will issue the student a one-day Temporary ID Sticker that must be worn during the ENTIRE school day.
    • The Temporary ID must be dated.

  • Teachers will add student’s names to the google drive (same as ISS) when they issue a Temporary ID (names must be submitted by the end of the day)
    • IF the student removes and/or losses the Temporary ID, they will be issued a new one and receive another ID offense for that day. That teacher will record the student’s information in Google Drive

      Consequences for ID offense

      Administration will assign consequences.

  • Consequences for not displaying/possessing School ID
    • 1st Violation – Verbal warning by teacher when temporary ID is issued
    • 2nd Violation -1 Day After School Detention
    • 3rd Violation - 2 Days After School Detention
    • 4th Violation - 1 Day Saturday School Detention
    • 5th Violation - 1 Day ISS
    • Subsequent Violations will result in the assignment of multiple days of ISS or Out-of-School Suspension (OSS).

  • Failure to show for assigned detention will result in additional consequences


Our Mission
Wharton ISD will provide exceptional instruction to every student, every day, with a spirit of warmth, friendliness and personal pride.

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