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    Wharton ISD schools consider substitute employees an important part of the educational process. The standards are high for employees in this district, and in their absence our substitute employees are expected to adhere to these same standards of excellence. We ask that while you are with us, you assume the same responsibilities and privileges as the regular members of the faculty. The role of a substitute employee is a great challenge - we appreciate your willingness to be a part of us!
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    Rates of Pay

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    Aesop Substitute Management System

    Visit the Aesop website and log in as follows:

    • Subs and employees: enter "00" followed by six-digit employee ID. (i.e.123456)
    • Administrators and campus sub coordinators: enter "e" followed by six-digit employee ID (i.e. E123456)
    • Your PIN will be generated by Aesop, which you can change after initial login

    For more information, visit our Aesop guide

    Contact Information

    Wharton ISD Human Resources
    2100 N. Fulton St. Wharton, TX 77488

    Phone 979-532-1200