• Blended Learning


    Blended learning is a hybrid or mix of fact to face learning, independent and online learning. This type of learning gives students and teachers more opportunities to make classroom instructional more authentic and hands on because what learning can take place out of the classroom can be done through simulations and videos found online or created by the teacher for student consumption. There are a couple of benefits to this type of instruction is the student can learn at their own pace through the web-based programs and videos.

    If a student needs to see a concept multiple times, they have access to view the same information multiple times or until the concept is understood.  For a student who understands the concept, they can apply these concepts at a higher level through simulation or extended learning. Therefore, differentiation can take place for all student learners. 

    As they enter the classroom, students are able to jump right into the concept and begin hands on learning through various tools, whether they are technology driven or they use a more traditional approach.  This flexibility allows the teacher to adjust depending on what they have available to them in the classroom. 

teacher and student using ipad