Growth Mindset: Words to Speak

  • To support a Growth Mindset, we must speak in a manner that builds a Growth Mindset.  Our words, as adults, speak volumes to our kids.  When building a growth mindset, we must focus on the effort. Being smart implies that is what you are.  Instead, we want students doing smart things, behaving in wise ways.  Here are some growth mindset statements.   

    • You worked really hard on that.
    • I’m so proud of your progress!
    • You kept going, even when it is hard.
    • You have a tenacious attitude; I’m so proud that you never quit. And look at you, YOU DID IT!
    • You are unstoppable. Even when you struggle, you keep going.
    • You work well with other students. I like how you _____ (include everyone, listen to everyone, really worked hard to help everyone be part of the process — a true compliment.)
    • Wow! I can always count on you to come prepared to class.
    • (do this privately) I’m so proud of you for helping ____ with their assignment.
    • You really did ___ well because.
    • You know, I appreciate how I can trust you to tell me the truth. We can work through this together.
    • I can tell that you gave everything you had to this project. I’m so proud of how hard you worked.
    • You thought of a great idea. Wow.
    • Oh, I’m so proud that you remembered to do ____. You’re making amazing progress.
    • You know, that was a fascinating way to solve that problem. It showed real creativity. I’m proud of you.
    • Oh yeah! High five! You did it! (Or knuckle punch or fist pump – I do not ever, however, do a chest bump. Not happening. ??
    • Fantastic! That is so awesome.