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To be in compliance with FCC CIPA guidelines and school district policies, Wharton Independent School District uses content filtering software to monitor online activity and block access to sites that are not in compliance with CIPA. The filtering software categorizes websites based upon certain criteria. Sites categorized as not in compliance with CIPA will be blocked. 

While our content filtering software does a great job of categorizing and filtering most websites, the dynamic nature of  the Internet makes on-going website evaluation necessary. In addition, the specific section of a website you are viewing may be appropriate, but other content on that same site may not be appropriate. Our filtering system and process needs to take into account all of the content on a website. At least once each year, the Director of Technology will review and configure our content filters to ensure that our system supports viewpoint-neutral content and is filtering appropriately according to CIPA and school district policies.   Requests for a site to be unblocked can be accomplished by creating a tech ticket.   These request will take priorty if time allows