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Chief Of Wharton ISD Police


Mr. Landy Williams

Chief Of Wharton ISD Police
Wharton ISD

Landy Williams became the Chief of Police in October 2008. Chief Landy Williams attended school in Wharton ISD and is a part of the graduating class of 1994. Goal-driven and determined for success, Landy Williams continued his education by attending ITT Technical School for Electronics and Gus George Law Enforcement Academy. Lastly, he obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Business and Health Care Administration from Purdue Global University.

Landy Williams has always had a strong desire and passion for making a difference in the world around him. Chief Williams began his law enforcement career in 1997 at the Wharton County Sheriff's Department. He would serve faithfully for the next 11 years as a Corrections Officer and Patrol Deputy. In October 2008, he left Wharton County Sheriff's Department and took the position of the Chief of Police for the Wharton Independent School District, where he serves tirelessly day and night, striving to serve and make a difference within the community one child at a time. Landy is a Master Peace Officer with various TCOLE notifications.

Aside from serving in his community, he has also served as liaison to numerous HOAs, (Home Owners Associations) in the Houston area on safety initiatives and local congregations. Chief Williams continues his efforts to educate, inform, and strengthen communities from within. When not on the job, he serves as vice chaplain for the Edwards Ministerial Association (EMA) and Youth Liaison for MLK Scholarship Fund. He has been married to Timinka Williams for 24 years, and together they have two handsome sons, Jeremiah and Elijah.

Chief Landy Williams takes pride in Protecting and Serving the students and staff of Wharton ISD.

Phone: 979-532-3460